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Alexander McNabb

A piece of Robyn's past is missing. She's not sure she wants it back...

Robyn Shaw has amnesia, a recent trauma so great her mind has veiled her memory. When she starts a new life teaching at a research institute devoted to exceptionally gifted children, the last thing she expects is for those blocked events to be lying in wait for her.

Plagued by dreams of death and blood threatening to overwhelm her, Robyn is fragile and vulnerable. Meeting student Martin Oakley, who plucks sparrows from the air to break their necks, she is pitched into a vicious battle of wills that threatens her grasp of her own mind.

Attacked from without and within, Robyn struggles to retain her increasingly tenuous hold on reality as journalist Mariam Shadid races to discover the dreadful secret buried in Robyn’s past before her friend is consumed by murderous insanity.

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Reviews of Birdkill

"Revel in the horrifying amazement of McNabb's story of weaponized children and disastrous drug trials... Birdkill is a book that astounds and horrifies... full of action, conspiracy, and death."

The Coffee Pot Review

"A brilliant thriller, you can't stop turning the pages... really quite exceptional."

Talking of Books

"Has a visceral effect on you after having read it, the imagery is so vivid and real. It has the best bits of a good thriller, the tension, a plausible conspiracy, the rather pantomime shouting at our heroine that it might be behind her, and the looming sense of threat."

BookLore Review