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Alexander McNabb

Michel Freij is a powerful man. But he wants more. Two hundred kilotons more.

Michel Freij is poised to become the next president of Lebanon. The billionaire businessman’s calls for a new, strong regional role for the country take on a sinister note when European intelligence reveals Freij has bought two ageing Soviet nuclear warheads from a German arms dealer.   

Maverick British intelligence officer Gerald Lynch has to find the warheads, believed to be on board super-yacht Arabian Princess, before they can reach Lebanon. Joined by Nathalie Durand, the leader of a French online intelligence team, Lynch is pitched into a deadly clash with Freij and his violent militia as he pursues the Princess across the Mediterranean.  

Beirut – An Explosive Thriller sweeps through Lebanon, Hamburg, Prague, Malta, Albania and the Greek Islands on its journey to a devastating climax.




Reviews of Beirut - An Explosive Thriller


An unputdownable read for its sheer force of action, violence, and elaborate, lavishly colourful characters. 

Khaleej Times

The author has an uncanny understanding of the country's dynamics and power plays between the belligerent factions, post-civil war of 1975-1990.... Beirut is a gripping, fast-paced exciting book that may well jar Lebanese and others familiar with the city and its heavy legacy. But it's a must read.

Magda Abu-Fadil writing in The Huffington Post

Beirut is quick, fast paced and sexy.

Talking of Books

Those looking for nonstop action, political intrigue, smatterings of sex and violence and explosions aplenty need look no further.

The Daily Star

McNabb's 's scenarios are entirely too terrifyingly plausible. The characters are multidimensional... I think you'll like this one.

A Book A Day Reviews

McNabb has a powerful eye for detail in his writing; I could picture characters with clarity and felt immersed in every landscape described I almost felt like I was at Lynch's side throughout the book and simply could not put this down until I found out whether the criminal was caught. All I will say is the book has a very explosive ending and you will not be disappointed!